Everything seems to be looking up for me at the minute, and it even feels great to be writing in present tense: all caught up and up to date with my blog. However, I can’t say the same for some of the people I speak to who also have ITP. Two people I know who have also recently finished their dose of Rituximab, have recently had platelet crashes. Continue reading


I know my body!

I got up early Friday morning, anxious for my appointment. I reassured myself as much as possible that I was being paranoid. I knew my platelets hadn’t dropped dramatically because I didn’t have any symptoms. I could still brush my teeth without my gums bleeding, and shave my legs with Continue reading

Anxious and Paranoid

Mums birthday was the following day so the family went out for a meal again, this time to a world buffet in Leeds. It was nice to enjoy the weekend without feeling tired because of the Rituximab. However the rest of the week dragged. I did a couple of days in a row at work and completely exhausted myself. It was difficult to tell if it was ITP related fatigue, or just because of the sudden change in lifestyle again. Going back to work after 4 weeks off is surely going to make any person more tired than normal. Despite the tiredness, I still enjoyed being back at work. Organising the fundraising event kept me busy; it was coming together very nicely. Continue reading


The following day was my Nan’s birthday and Kayleigh and Omar had come back for the weekend so we all decided to go out for a meal. It was lovely to have the whole family back together again and to share my good news. I was excited to get back to work too. I was back on the rota and couldn’t wait to be earning more money again. I fell back into work pretty well and through myself into planning an Easter fundraiser for the St Leonards Hospice. I hadn’t realised before being in hospital, how much the charity actually did, and how local it was to the chippy. I wanted to raise some money for the charity before absorbing myself in fundraisers for ITP related charities. It was lovely to have something to focus on again and even better to be out the house and at work. Continue reading