Gynecologist and Counts

On the 14th April I was back at the hospital for my platelet count. My gums had stopped bleeding and I felt pretty normal. Just extremely paranoid. The ITP convention had put me ease that it was perfectly normal to feel rubbish quite often and to suffer from spells of severe fatigue. The only thing that really puts me at ease is getting my platelet count results though!  Continue reading


ITP Convention

Today I attended the 20th Anniversary and convention of the ‘ITP Support Association’. I was very eager to attend after very recently being diagnosed with the condition. I’m pleased to say that I was not disappointed and would urge anyone looking for support, help or information to attend. The convention catered information in all aspects of ITP: from pregnancy, childhood and adult ITP and also different severity’s (acute, persistent and chronic ITP). It was a very laid back open atmosphere where every question, opinion and experience was valued. The patient mixers really helped give me confidence that I was not alone, and that many people were going through, or had been through something similar throughout their own ITP journey. I left the convention with much more than a book full of notes, but a fulfilment within myself that I was part of something.  Continue reading