Last Tuesday, I somehow managed to crawl out from beaneth the duvet and face my fears at the dreaded gynaecologists! To be honest, it wasn’t even half as bad as I thought it was going to be. It wasn’t a particularly pleasent, skipping-through-the-park-on-a-hot-summers-day experience. But it was bearable.

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Update and counts 

Now I’m back to full health and in remission (it’s so good to use that word), I find it much harder to give you all an update, mainly because I don’t have anything more to update. I’m defiantly not complaining! I’ve stopped feeling paranoid and worried about my counts now. I really do believe this remission is going to last quite a long time. My mum is betting 2 years (PESEMIST!), but I’m hoping for longer. Everything has fallen into place again, back into the norm, and I couldn’t appreciate it more. 

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