‘How to heal a Bruise’

Many people within the ITP world will know Meg Brewster for her brilliant blog ITPANDME.COM. However Meg’s talents to not end there. After 7 years of living with ITP, she has just published a book called ‘How to heal a Bruise‘. I have been incredibly lucky to have already read the book which has recently gone on sale.

The book expands her experiences, lessons learnt and knowledge of ITP in a very easy-to relate to manor. The first chapter had me hooked! It took me back to the day of my diagnosis, and was was written in a way that even someone without ITP could understand the emotions and confusion of being told you had ITP. If you want to read it for yourself, you can download the first chapter free from ITPANDME.com.

The book is based on her most popular blog post: ‘The seven stages of ITP‘. I will admit I was very dubious after reading what the seven stages were, I was convinced that I had only been through maybe one or two of them. Although, after reading through each chapter I began to realise that I had in fact been through each and every stage in my own way. Each stage is so easy to relate too, and is expanded perfectly through Meg’s experiences.

The book includes lots of ITP information such as, the science, history, tips and guides, alongside strong emotional support. It is now my own ITP Bible! I could not recommend it more highly! Not only did it help me to understand my emotional responses, comfort me and make me laugh, but it also helped my family to understand ITP more. I defiantly think that the book is suitable for any one that has a interest in ITP, not just suffers. It has so much brilliant information in it, which is perfectly written and structured to form an outstanding short book!

I would like to personally thank and congratulate Meg for creating and publishing such an amazing guide. The book is now on sale, and can be purchased from ITPANDME.COM. Make sure to get yourself a copy! It is such a brilliant read.

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