So this is me…

My name is Katie Elizabeth Meloy.

I am 20 years old

I live in a small city called York in England, United Kingdom with my family.

I’ve had a very normal and healthy life growing up and was a very average teenager. I dropped out of university in 2013 and was waiting for a opportunity to arise to lead me down a new and exciting path. However, I was not expecting this! On the 15th January 2015, I was diagnosed with ITP. I rare blood disorder. It changed life as knew it completely.

Hobbies and Interest

To be honest, before all of this madness I was your average person.

I enjoyed hitting the town with my girls, shopping, going out to eat, spending time with the boyfriend, travelling to new places and spending time with the family.

Now, I’m not entirely sure, I’m still finding out for myself. It’s incredible how one small change can have such an impact on a persons life. In a instant, everything you thought you were, and everything you thought you wanted changes.

My Hope and Aims

 I’m writing this blog for three reasons:

The first, a very selfish reason; to keep a record of everything that has happened to me and help vent and channel any bottled up emotions and anger I may have, rather than attacking my nearest and dearest.

The second, I aim to raise as much awareness as possible for ITP. The more people that hear about ITP and other auto-immune diseases the better. Although they may be rare they are life changing. If anybody would like to donate or make a contribution to ITP research that would brilliant, thank you. Please follow either of the links below:


The third, I hope to help at least one person with my experiences . If one person is going through anything similar and I can give a shed of hope, happiness or support by sharing my story it would be truly amazing.

It’s so important for everyone to understand they are not alone. There will always be another person that is going through the same thing if not worse, you are never alone. Everything happens for a reason and although it maybe hard to believe, things will get better. So keep your head held high and a smile on your face.

Don’t fight the things you can not change, Embrace them!


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